Creating Tasks

Scroll through the screens below for an overview of the Add Task 

screen. We've worked hard to make this as easy as possible but feel 

free to leave us suggestions on our feedback from the left side 

menu. We love customer suggestions being part of our new release!

Adding a task title is pretty self explanatory but keep it short and sweet! Kids are busy these days! 

Require a photo of a completed task to see how well your kiddos did their chores.

If your child has an Android device you can manage the apps they use, and even block those apps if their task is past due. You have the option to block specific apps, or ALL apps, but be careful because if you block EarnIt how are they going to submit their task for approval so you'll unblock their Snap Chat?

Task Assignment

Your selected child is shown by default when assigning a task but you have the option to assign to any of your children. 

Tasks Goals

By default the goals selection is set to none. If a goal is not  associated with a task, the value rewarded for the approved task is applied to your child's credit account. We have exciting plans for new features surrounding credits. Stay tuned!

Task Credits

EarnIt! uses the term credits because we understand the value of money and reward is different for everyone. We do see a future where friends will compete for who has the most credits!

Recurring Tasks

You can create recurring tasks for you children the same way you would create a recurring meeting on typical calendar app.


It's helpful to note that your child will only see tasks in their list for the next week but they can always view their calendar and see any day of the year that they have a task due.