Adding/Pairing A Child to Your Account

Once you have installed EarnIt as a parent you can easily add your child to your account by scanning your QR code, or by entering the pairing number from your child's device. Follow these quick steps to pair your child's device to your account:


  1. Install EarnIt! on your device and register your account

  2. Add your child to your account and display the QR code associated. Press here to see how to pair with a previously paired child.

  3. Install EarnIt! on your child's device and select Child on the first screen.

  4. Follow the steps below to allow apps monitoring and management (Android only)

  5. Select to scan the pairing code or manually enter on child's device. 


Once you "login" for the first time on your child's device you'll need to give app access to EarnIt.

In your child's app settings, turn on app permissions for EarnIt!. This will give EarnIt the ability to block apps for overdue tasks (Android Only) and monitor usage of applications on your child's device. 

Before you can pair with your child's device you must allow EarnIt to take pictures and scan the code. The app also needs access to the device camera in order for the child to take pictures of their successfully completed tasks. Once you allow access to the device camera simply scan the QR code from the parent device, or enter the pairing code manually to pair the devices.