Manual Approval

There are two ways to approve tasks, one from the edit screen, and the other from the approval screen. The Edit screen allows you to manually approve a task that has not been submitted for approval by your child. Selecting the checkmark on the edit screen closes that task and applies the credits to your child's goal, or credit depending on how you set up the task. To close the task and not apply credits you must use the delete button at the bottom of the screen.

Select this option when you want to approve a task and apply the credits, but your child has not submitted the task for approval.


An example of this feature is a recurring task to "walk the dog" but your child has submitted tomorrow's task for approval, but they actually walked the dog today and submitted the wrong task. This simply gives parents the flexibility to manually approve a task and apply credits if needed. 


NOTE: If you want to clear a task and NOT apply credits, use the delete button.

Approving/Denying Tasks

Approving a task submitted by your child is as simple as yes, or no. Tasks can also require a pic for approval. Whether you approve or deny the task, your child is sent a notification of your response.