Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks are setup the same way a recurring meeting is setup

in your standard calendar app. Simply select the number days, weeks, months the task/s should repeat and the recurrence is created until you delete the task.

Recurring Daily Tasks

Dailly recurring tasks begin from the task start date and repeat until 

the task is deleted. Your child will see their recurring tasks in their 

All Tasks list and also from their calendar. 

Tasks such as feeding the dog and brushing your teeth are perfect for daily settings. Also tasks that don't have to be done on a certain day, but need to be done on a regular schedule such as mowing the lawn are good for the daily scheduling with days between. 

Just enter the number of days before the task repeats from the initial due date.

Weekly Recurring Tasks

Weekly task schedules work well for tasks such as taking out the trash, or if you have one of those kids who plans all week to clean their room all at once on Saturday morning! 

Set the repetition and the day/s the task is due. Your child will see tasks only for the next week in their tasks list, but their calendar will highlight any day a task is due.

Monthly Recurring Tasks

Monthly schedules are a convenient way to pick specific date/s and assign tasks such as call your grandma, or Family Tech Freedom Days!


Simply pick the date/s and the recurrence . If you pick dates that are not included in any given month that task instance is skipped. Kids love monthly tasks in February!