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Responsibility Made Easy


  • Earn Points or Cash

  • Learn Responsibility

  • Have Accountability

  • Gain Self Respect


  • Recurring Chores

  • Create Goals

  • Track Activity

  • Limit Screen Time

  • Geofencing

  • Apps Monitoring

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We all need to do our part. 
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Connecting Devices

EarnIt requires code pairing to connect devices. It's safe, reliable and easy to connect.

1. Create your free account on a parent device

2. Share the download link via text to your child's device

3. Scan the pair code, and you're all set to start adding chores

In the Harvard Grant Study, the longest running longitudinal study in history, (spanning 75 years and counting--from 1938 to the present), researchers identified two things that people need in order to be happy and successful:

The first? Love.

The second? Work ethic.

“If kids aren’t doing the dishes, it means someone else is doing that for them. And so they’re absolved of not only the work, but of learning that work has to be done and that each one of us must contribute for the betterment of the whole.”

- Author, Lythcott-Haims, How To Raise an Adult

There's no better time than now to teach kids the value

of responsibility. We all need to do our part in this unique time in the world and what better way than sharing the 

love, and household responsibilities.


Make that as easy as the press of a button with EarnIt! Setup tasks for your kids in seconds. Research shows once kids get in the habit of working toward a goal they thrive on the experience!

Adding Chores

Add new chores and recurring tasks in seconds.

  • Assign chores to goals

  • Create recurring chores by day, week, month, or custom

  • Block apps if chores are not completed on time

  • Optional photo of completed chores

Approving Tasks

Communication is key! Get instant notification to approve or deny the completion of chores.

  • Send a message why approval was denied for a task

  • Send kudos for a job well done when you approve the completion of a task!

  • Kids can send messages or their own when submitting for approval.

"With all the apps out there it's nice to have one that focuses on my family's needs all in one place. I love the geofencing for when the kids are walking the dogs!"

"This app has been life changing with working from home and the kids not having the typical summer outlets. It's amazing what just a couple daily chores has done to their sense of ownership around the house and their self esteem."

"I never realized how much time my son was spending on his social media apps. Just the threat of blocking them motivates him, lol. He's been a completely different kid since we started using this app."

"Earn it offers an array of parental tools at your fingertips to encourage children to complete tasks and teach them the value of responsibility. The app is initially very easy to set up and requires an account to link to other devices. Devices are paired using a simple QR code that responds to either the device of the parent of the child. Once the device is paired tasks can be added easily by completing the task fields that include assigned child, task, date, rewards, task details and even the option to add a photo as evidence when they have achieved the task! The application initially includes instructional overlays within the app to help the user navigate and understand the features and icons. We found this very useful."

Teacher Review

EarnIt! Receives 5 Stars From Educational App Store

We know, we know! Sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself than ask your little iGen to pick up their room! That's exactly why we created the My EarnIt App!

Take the argument out of the day to day and make it fun and easy for you and your kids to share in household responsibilities while giving your child the priceless lesson of earning what they've worked for. 


Nothing motivates today's kids like Tech Disconnect! With EarnIt! if your child's task is past due you can elect to lock their device until the task has been completed.  Think of it like real time grounding from their phone without all the huff'n puff! Empower your child to achieve their goals with the My EarnIt App!

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